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The best unusual things to do in Granada

Unusual experiences Granada

Are you looking for the most unusual activities in Granada? At DMC Granada, we offer you a number of unusual experiences that you will make you having a great time. Book your own adventure and have fun with these unusual things to do in Granada. Combine them with other unusual activities or more conventional ones as you wish:

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Most Unusual Things to Do in Granada

Get to know Granada from a different point of view with our most unusual activities Granada. These activities are a fun approach to discover Granada, and they include activities and experiences from hiking – Cahorros Hike or the Gollizno Hike, to other activities in the nature such as Alpujarra Horse Riding, enjoying the Guadix Caves Train Tour or Scooter Rental Granada which will allow you visiting the city at your very own pace. Book them easily and safely from DMC Granada today.

Further details about what you will see and do in our most popular guided unusual activities in Granada are as follows. Kindly note that the following explanations are given for introduction and context purposes and are not binding. Once you click on the links provided above for each of the proposed unusual things to do in Granada, you will see what it is included in the price, as well as the terms and conditions for each activity.


Alpujarra Horse Riding in Granada

This Alpujarra horse riding in Granada is an activity for those who want to enjoy a peaceful ride in beautiful mountainous landscapes of Alpujarra, the county surrounding Sierra Nevada National Park, minutes away from the city of Granada. No worries if have not ever ridden on a horse as no previous experience with horses is required for this activity. DMC Granada recommends you to avoid wearing short trousers for the Alpujarra horse riding activity.


Guadix Caves Train Tour

Guadix, located 50 km east of Granada, is known for having the largest concentration of inhabited caves in Europe. The Guadix Caves Train Tour takes you to the Roman Theatre, the Alcazaba and the Jewish quarter, as well as to the Cathedral of Guadix, a jewel of the Renaissance architecture. The touristic train also stops at Barrio de las Cuevas, where you can visit on your own the viewpoint of Guadix and the house of the parish priest, a surprising church-cave.


Cahorros Hike in Granada

Cahorros Hike in Granada, or Cahorros de Monachil Hike is one of the most beautiful, yet easy hikes in Granada. The hike, just minutes away from the city of Granada, is located in Sierra Nevada National Park, and you do not need an outstanding level of fitness. The Cahorros Hike will let you admire waterfalls, natural pools and caves, and walking over several hanging bridges. You can also enjoy this hike as a fun family day out in Sierra Nevada.


Gollizno Hike in Granada

Gollizno Hike in Granada or Gollizno Route Trail is a pleasant hike requiring just a moderate level of fitness. This hike runs along the Tajos de la Hoz, a beautiful natural gorge not far from Granada. The Gollizno Hike crosses a suspension bridge, runs next to the old Moclin Castle, and it also allows you seeing the Neolithic cave paintings that are located within the hike.


Granada Scooter Rental

Have you thought about hiring a scooter to move around the city of Granada and its surroundings? With this Granada Scooter Rental, you will be able to discover Granada at your own pace, and it can carry up to two people. This Granada scooter hire is an ideal solution for those of you looking for more freedom when discovering Granada.