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Are you looking for the best tours in the Alhambra of Granada and the easiest way to get Alhambra tickets? You can get them both with DMC Granada! Explore the historical landmark of the Alhambra and the Generalife, the Court of the Lions, the Nasrid Palaces and much more with our Alhambra Admissions and Alhambra Tours. Look no further to get your Alhambra tickets; book your own adventure with us, you will be spoilt for choice getting your Alhambra admissions!

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Most Popular Tickets & Tours in the Alhambra

Get your tickets for the Alhambra and explore the most emblematic and most visited monument in Spain. Besides your Alhambra tickets, you can also buy our Alhambra Tours, or get a combined admission. Choose between the Alhambra and Generalife Tour or just the Alhambra admission (Alhambra and Generalife Ticket). Enjoy the Alhambra Open Air Tour or get a personalised experience with the Alhambra Prive Tour. Finally, you can also choose the Alhambra, Albaicin and Sacromonte Tour to get the whole picture.

Kindly note that due to the popularity of the Alhambra (the most visited monument in Spain) and the usage limits imposed by the UNESCO, there is a limited amount of admissions that can be sold annually, which is strictly observed. Do not risk your visit to this magnificent monument by trying to get the tickets in hte last moment and secure today your tickets for the Alhambra to avoid disappointments. As a bonus, if you book today your Alhambra admission, you will jump the ticketing queue when arriving at the box office!

More details of our Alhambra tickets, Alhambra admissions and Alhambra Tours, and what you will see and do, are as follows. Kindly note that the following explanations are given for introduction and context purposes and are not binding. Once you click on the links provided above for each of the Alhambra tickets & Alhambra tours in Granada, you will see what it is included in the price, as well as the terms and conditions for each activity.


Alhambra and Generalife Tour

This Alhambra and Generalife Tour takes you to the spectacular Alhambra, an impressive palace and fortress located in the heart of Granada, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984. The Alhambra consists of several different structures, including buildings, gardens and more, where many of them, were built on different historical periods. The most known parts of the Alhambra include the Royal Complex and its Court of the Myrtles, the astonishing Court of the Lions, the Generalife and the Renaissance Palace of Charles V. This Alhambra Tour will help you understand the different parts of the complex and enjoy an unforgettable experience.


Alhambra + Albaicin + Sacromonte Tour

The Alhambra, Albaicin and Sacromonte Tour combines two visits in one. In one hand, you have the unmissable Alhambra tour, while in the other, you will discover the two most picturesque neighbourhoods of Granada, located in front of the Alhambra. Albaicin and Sacramonte witnessed the construction and daily routines of the Alhambra since ancient times, and their history runs in parallel to the history of the Alhambra. These small streets and alleys developed their own stories, legends and flamenco, many of them keep in their cave houses, where many people still live today, and flamenco shows take place almost every day. You cannot leave Granada until you have discovered the Albaicin (also written as Albayzin) and Sacromonte, so, why not booking our Alhambra + Albaicin + Sacromonte Tour? You will not be disappointed!