Top 10 CSR team building activities in Granada

When it comes to creating unforgettable CSR team building activities in Granada, no one does it better than us.

Best CSR team building activities in Granada

This is our selection for the top 10 Corporate Social Responsibility team building activities in Granada, with ideas like Toys for Charity or Beach Cleaning.

In DMC Granada, we help you with the best CSR activities in Granada, which can be included in your corporate events. Corporate Social Responsibility plays a very important role, and all related activities should leave a legacy on your employees.

As a company that organises CSR activities in Granada, our list covers CSR team building ideas that are ideal for large or small groups. CSR activities in Granada are perfect for getting the whole team involved, helping the local community as well as helping your team to know each other better. This is our top 10 CSR team building activities in Granada.

Don’t you know where to start with planning your CSR team building activity in Granada? Contact us to find out how we can create the best Corporate Social Responsibility activities in Granada.

Animal welfare

CSR team building - animal welfare

Animal Welfare has a very special place in our hearts. Depending on your location and the time of the year you visit, we will organise a visit to an animal shelter or an animal association, where you could help and volunteer for a few hours, or even a full day in this CSR team building in Granada.

From helping to reconstruct a fence, clean the stables, to fill the feeders, there are many ways you could help the animals in need. Dogs, cats, but also donkeys, will be lucky to have you onboard looking after their welfare and wellbeing.

Build a bike for charity

CSR team building - build a bike for charity

With our Build a Bike for Charity CSR event in Granada, your team will contribute to the local community. The group will be in charge of building and assembling bikes, that will be sent to local charities and children’s associations.

This Corporate Social Responsibility activity in Granada will be a real challenge for the group. Not only they will have to work on building a bike, but will also have to work as one, improving their interpersonal skills, teamwork, communication and decision-making skills. They will be rewarded with the feel-good feeling you get when helping others, impacting positively on your company.

Charity treasure hunt

CSR team building - charity treasure hunt

The Charity Treasure Hunt Granada has been created to help a charity or association of your choice while, at the same time, you are creating unforgettable memories for your team and employees alike.

With this CSR activity in Granada, you will have to go all over the city of Granada, finding hints that will take you to the next clue. All the teams will have to compete to find the treasure, that will consist of a donation to their charity of choice. It is a great activity to improve interpersonal relations at work.

Indoor reforestation

CSR team building - indoor reforestation

It is now possible to plant trees indoor! With our Indoor Reforestation CSR activity Granada, it is easier than ever to help the environment, even if you only have a couple of hours and cannot leave the conference room.

This Corporate Social Responsibility team building Granada activity has been designed as a quick way to help the environment. You will create clay balls filled with seeds that will be taken to a forest, a riverbank or other chosen area. This technique allows the seeds to be protected and is environmentally friendly.

Social gymkhana

CSR team building - social gymkhana

Social Gymkhana is one of the most rewarding Corporate Social Responsibility Granada activities there are. Not only is a fantastic way to discover the city and all its impressive monuments, but this Social Gymkhana in Granada will help a local association or shelter of your choice.

This CSR team building Granada is the perfect activity to help strengthen bonds between colleagues, to merge or introduce two new teams, and to create unforgettable memories that will reflect the company values.

Beach cleaning

CSR team building - beach cleaning

Show your love for the environment and the planet with this Corporate Social Responsibility activity in Granada. This experience has been designed to reduce the human impact on the beaches of Granada, as a way to keep the environment plastic-free for the sake of the Mediterranean Sea.

After a small introduction, the group will be split into smaller groups and will start picking up all the rubbish, cans, plastic and other items that can be found on the beach. Once the task is completed, we will proceed to recycle all possible items. A perfect CSR team building Granada activity for all group sizes.

Build a Wendy house for charity

CSR team building - build a wendy house for charity

The Build a Wendy house for Charity offers something completely different to participants, by combining both the pleasure of a CSR team building activity Granada, along with helping the local community by making a real difference to the lives of children.

This Corporate Social Responsibility activity Granada can be organised both indoors and outdoors. The teams will be given all materials and tools and they are ready to go! Once their Wendy House is complete, it will be donated to local children in need.

Foster home remodelling

CSR team building - foster home remodeling

Foster Homes Remodelling is the perfect CSR team building activity in Granada. It is the best option to help the local community, by improving their day-to-day life, while your team creates unforgettable links, that will also reflect on the company and strengthen their values.

This CSR activity in Granada will take you to a local foster home or shelter, that the team will help refurbish or remodel. This activity will generate the most positive impact on the resident children, that will see their living conditions greatly improved thanks to your team.

Outdoor reforestation

CSR team building - outdoor reforestation

With our Reforestation CSR activities Granada, it has never been easier to help the environment! This is a very hands-on experience, where the whole team will work as one to find the most suitable locations to plant trees.

This Corporate Social Responsibility team building activity Granada activity has been designed as a great way to help the environment. We will carefully select those local areas that could benefit from the reforestation, especially those who have been affected by floods or fires, for example. Along with the local authorities, we will pick the best species for each type of soil, to guarantee its continuity.

Toys for charity

CSR team building - toys for charity

Games for Charity is a solidary team building activity, with a great focus on CSR in Granada that promotes building toys and games for children living in foster homes or institutions. By building these wooden toys, you are helping children to connect and interact with each other through games.

The whole team will get hands-on with this CSR activity in Granada, that will help them with their communication skills, will increase their motivation, promote teamwork, but, most importantly, will positively impact the local community.

Why CSR team building activities in Granada?

Some of the best CSR team building Granada have been created and designed to positively impact on the local community, as well as your company. Why not try our Indoor Reforestation or Beach Cleaning, to help the environment?

If you would like to cooperate with foster homes or children in need, you should try some of our Corporate Social Responsibility activities Granada, such as the Foster Home Remodelling, the Toys for Charity or the Build a Wendy House activity, where local children will directly benefit from your actions.

If you would like to donate to a charity or association of your choice, our CSR activities in Granada, like the Social Gymkhana and the Charity Treasure Hunt are the best possible choice. Plus, your team will positively benefit, as well as their working relationship.

Many of our Corporate Social Responsibility team building activities in Granada can be organised both indoor and outdoor if you are a bit limited on time and are running on a tight schedule.

Let us help you get inspiration for your next Granada CSR team building. We will organise the perfect CSR activity for your group, focusing on your interest and aligned with your company values. Contact us to arrange your next Granada CSR team building activity. Alternatively, check our CSR incentive travel section for more options with regards to more Corporate Social Responsibility in Granada. If you are looking for other non-CSR team bonding activities, our most popular team building activities will give you more ideas.

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