FIT & independent travel services Granada

When it comes to offering unforgettable independent travel services in Granada, no one does it better than us.

FIT travel services Granada

At DMC Granada, we offer FIT travel services, tourist activities and tourism services in Granada for individual travellers, non-corporate visitors and tourists (looking for corporate services in Granada instead?).

Book unique experiences in Granada that suit you better, based on your own preferences. Ideal for FITs, solo travellers, couples & small groups visiting Granada who are arranging the trip on their own.

What does FIT mean?

FIT stands for free independent traveller, fully independent traveller, foreign independent traveller or frequent independent traveller, free independent tourist, frequent individual traveller, foreign individual traveller, and we are sure there are many more. The key is “independent”.

FIT travel is a way of travelling made of people planning their own trips and prefer to travel alone or in small groups. FITs travel alone, as a couple or accompanied by a small number of people.

For FITs, unique experiences are most important, designing their trips by themselves and choosing their own destinations and visits based on the information already they have. The goal of FITs is to follow their own path and explore the things they want to see at their own pace. They create their very own unique travelling experience.

Tourist services Granada

These FIT and tourist services offer a pick and mix solution for those individual tourists and visitors in Granada that would like a more independent approach when visiting the city and its surroundings. These Granada unique experiences are the perfect addon to your own organised trip, as you can adapt them to your own pace.

You can book directly as many activities in Granada as you want, and most of them offer cancellation policies up to the very last minute, so you do not have to worry for those unforeseen circumstances that might appear just days before your booking. Book easily and safely, and with a money-back guarantee!

Click on the tourism experience in Granada you are interested in to get the full details, including:

  • duration,
  • available languages (apart from English),
  • what is included,
  • accessibility,
  • cancellation policy (most of the services include free cancellation),
  • meeting point,
  • prices (not just the standard ticket, but other categories if applicable, such as children or retired).

Just select the date and time of the Granada unique experience that suits you better and, you are ready to go! Do not miss this opportunity to discover Granada from a different point of view. Remember that these tourist activities are focused on small groups, no matter if you are a solo traveller, a couple or a few friends enjoying your time in Granada; these are the experiences you were looking for.

Granada is an enjoyable city with a great atmosphere all year round, but it is always a good idea to discover it guided by professionals who already know what works best in every occasion.

Tickets and tours in Granada are also a fantastic option for those looking for new ideas for presents. The perfect gift for those coming to Granada or even for you; treat yourself to a memorable tourist experience in Granada.

Bear in mind that we also offer you activities and experiences in Granada out from the limits of the city. The province of Granada is big enough to include many more interesting locations apart from the city of Granada itself. If would not be a surprise if we tell you that Sierra Nevada is the second location of interest, being just kilometres away from the city. Sierra Nevada is the biggest ski resort in the South of Europe and offers incredible tourist services and outstanding fun activities in the snow. Not to mention the iconic Alpujarras, the area around the National Park of Sierra Nevada, which is scattered with white villages.

But Granada is more than the city and Sierra Nevada; we offer unique experiences Granada to have fun both inland and next to the Mediterranean Sea. And best of all: everything within an hour from the city!