Best Things to Do in Granada

Top 10 best things to do in Granada

Most Popular Things to Do in Granada

Are you looking for the best things to do in Granada or the most popular activities in Granada? Here you will find the most popular things to do in Granada! At DMC Granada, we offer you a flavour of what is going around in the city so you can book your own adventure in advance. Check our Top 10 best things to do in Granada:

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Top 10 Best Things to Do in Granada

Our Top 10 best things to do in Granada include not just activities to do in the city, but also in neighbouring areas such as Sierra Nevada, and activities which, departing from Granada will let you experience nearby destinations, including a Caminito del Rey day trip from Granada. This top 10 things to do in Granada is a selection of the best things to do in Granada and offer you fun activities to enjoy the city of Granada and its surroundings; just the best things to do in Granada & the most popular activities.

Further details about what you will see and do in our most popular top 10 things to do in Granada are as follows. Kindly note that the following explanations are given for introduction and context purposes and are not binding. Once you click on the links provided above for each of the best things to do in Granada, you will see what it is included in the price, as well as the terms and conditions for each activity.


Alhambra & Generalife Ticket

The Alhambra & Generalife Ticket is one of the favourite’s when visiting Granada. Getting your ticket in advance will not only make you skip the queue but also securing your visit. Alhambra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and as such, there is a limited amount of tickets sold every day, so don’t wait for the last minute or you might be disappointed.


Alhambra & Generalife Tour

The Alhambra is a massive complex. Get the most of your visit with our Alhambra & Generalife Tour, a guided tour that will help you fully understand the magnificent Alhambra.


Alhambra Private Tour

For those looking for an exclusive experience en the Alhambra, our Alhambra Private Tour offers a unique approach to Granada’s most known monument and Spains’s most visited monument.


Granada Tapas Tour

Granada is also known for its tapas. Our Granada Tapas Tour is a perfect approach to this tasty world that you can enjoy at lunchtime or for dinner.


Granada Free Walking Tour

You have probably seen these types of tours in many cities, but you may be wondering how you can book or their departing point. Follow the link above to get all the details for the Granada Free Walking Tour.


Granada Hammam

If you are looking for any kind of spa or wellness activity, the Granada Hammam is what you were looking for. A small piece of heaven in Granada that you can book directly in the link provided above.


Granada Cathedral Tour

Granada Catedral is a magnificent example of the Spanish Renaissance style, which also includes Baroque elements. Do not miss this Granada Cathedral Tour to discover it along with the Royal Chapel.


Snowshoe Hike in Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada is Europe’s southernmost ski resort, and it is located just minutes away from the city of Granada. Enjoy this fun Snowshoe Hike in Sierra Nevada with us!


Caminito del Rey Day Trip from Granada

Caminito del Rey Day Trip from Granada is an outstanding hike. You will discover an outstanding man-made trail through a 100m hight natural gorge that will impress the most demanding visitor.


Private Day Trip from Granada

There are several incredible destinations easily reachable from Granada that are perfect for a Private Day Trip from Granada. Do not miss this chance of discovering these spots at your own pace!