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The best gastronomic tours in Granada

Granada Gastronomic Tours

Are you looking for the best gastronomic tours in Granada? You can discover them all with DMC Granada! The city of Granada is well-known because of its tapas, which are widely available, but do you where you should go to enjoy the tastiest tapas? Follow us in these Granada Gastronomic Tours for the best Tapas & Experiences; do not miss these culinary experiences!

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Most Popular Gastronomic Tours in Granada

The best gastronomic tours in Granada include Tapas & Experiences and much more. Within the most popular gastronomic tours in Granada you will find our Granada Tapas Tours, that will take you to the best pubs and bars where you can enjoy tapas in Granada. The origin of tapas is not very clear since they date back from centuries ago, but it is believed that the first tapas appeared with King Alfonso X of Castille in the 13th century. The meaning of tapa (tapas is a plural form) is “cap”, which seems to relate to the original purpose of this snack, which was to cover the drinks to avoid unpleasant flies in the drinks. Nowadays, tapas have evolved to convert them into sophisticated small meals.

Tapas are served differently on every Spanish city, and they even change the name in some parts of the north of Spain (named as pinchos or pintxos). The local custom in Granada os to offer a free tapa with each drink before lunch and dinner. Remember that Spanish schedule for lunch and dinner uses to differ to the rest of the countries. You are not allowed to choose what tapa you are served, as this is why is important to book any of our most popular gastronomic tours in Granada, including our Granada tapas tour; our guides will take you to the best bars so you do not miss anything.

Food is Granada is a mixed recipe of Mediterranean gastronomy with hints of Muslim and Jewish traditional cuisine. A few years ago, a new food quality seal was issued in Granada, “Sabor Granada”. This seal guarantees you the highest quality standards when eating food from Granada, also ensuring that this food is kilometre zero, a nice benchmark that we try to reach in order to apply sustainable principles.

Further details about what you will see and do in the best gastronomic tours in Granada are as follows. Kindly note that the following explanations are given for introduction and context purposes and are not binding. Once you click on the links provided above for each of these activities (Granada tapas tours and the gastronomic tours Granada), you will see what it is included in the price, as well as the terms and conditions for each activity.


Granada Tapas Tour

Granada Tapas Tour is an activity that can be enjoyed at lunchtime or dinner time. This Granada Tapas Tour is run through the city centre, where you will enjoy 6 tapas and 5 drinks. Besides enjoying the tapas, you will also discover the city centre with our experienced guide. A real 2×1, enjoying not only the city of Granada, but also one of its most known features, the tapas.


Granada Night Tour & Tapas Tasting

Granada Night Tour & Tapas Tasting is a perfect activity for those willing to discover Granada at night while enjoying a Grada Tapas Tour, where you will enjoy 3 tapas and 3 drinks. But this Granada Night Tour & Tapas Tasting is not just about enjoying 3 fantastic tapas is also about discovering Granada at night. Granada gets transformed at night when you travel in time into the old enchanted Moorish city lying below the Alhambra.