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Are you looking for the best admissions in Granada and the easiest way to get your tickets in Granada? Get your tickets & admissions in Granada easily from us! From getting your Alhambra & Generalife Ticket to discovering the city, including booking a Museum of Granada Tour, the Granada Cathedral Tour, and much more. Discover the best museums of Granada and the most popular monuments of Granada by getting your Granada tickets with DMC Granada; book your own adventure with us!

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Most Popular Tickets in Granada

Get your tickets & admissions in Granada with us to explore the most emblematic museums and monuments of Granada. These Granada admissions along with our tours are the perfect way to explore famous museums and iconic monuments such as the Alhambra. Join your guides on a tour of Granada as they bring the history behind some of the city’s most incredible sights to life.

The Alhambra of Granada is the most popular monument in Spain, bringing thousands of tourists and visitors to the city every year. This means that getting tickets and admissions in the last moment can be complicated and lead to disappointment. DMC Granada recommends booking your tickets as soon as possible, considering that many of these admissions can be cancelled without penalties. Please read and understand the terms and conditions of any of the tickets before buying them. 

Further details of our tickets and admissions Granada and what you will see and do, are as follows. Kindly note that the following explanations are given for introductory and context purposes and are not binding. Once you click on the links provided above for each of these tickets & admissions in Granada, you will see what it is included in the price, as well as the terms and conditions for each activity.


Alhambra & Generalife Ticket

This Alhambra admission will skip you the queue and allow entering to the Alhambra in a fast way. Please note that since the Alhambra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, there is a strict number of admissions that can be sold. To avoid the risk of not getting into the Alhambra, or even queueing and not getting the admissions, get your Alhambra & Generalife ticket with us today, securing your visit to this impressive monument.


Museum of Granada Tour

Granada was the last Kingdom in the Iberian Peninsula to join the Christian rule in 1492, when modern Spain, as it is currently known, was shaped. This Museum of Granada Tour will take you through an incredible journey of a place ruled by the Phoenician, the Roman, the Iberian, The Muslim and the Christian, and where other religions, such as the Jewish, lived all together in peace… and also war times. You will not be disappointed by this dramatic story reflecting the rich cultural background of Granada.


Granada Cathedral Tour

Granada Cathedral Tour guides you through this outstanding masterpiece of art of the Spanish Renaissance style, which also includes Baroque elements on its façade. The tour also takes you to the Royal Chapel, where the Catholic Monarchs -the Spanish Kings who finished the Reconquista and incorporated the Kingdom of Granada to modern Spain.


Guadix Cathedral

Guadix is a picturesque beautiful little town not far away from the city of Granada. If you are discovering the province of Granada, get your admission to Guadix Cathedral here today. Get your ticket to Guadix Cathedral with us, and you will discover this hidden gem; a fine example of Spanish Renaissance style. You will enjoy this less-known corner of Granada.